Popular Pokemon Female Character

Pokemon Have many awesome characters with their own special skills and behavior. girls love to play new Pokemon online games with female characters. Nintendo frequently add many new character in its family. now at about 300 different character are added in Pokemon community.

Keima Shougi

Keima comes onto the scene in Episode #389: Linoone?! A Type of Friendship! where his Linoone is involved in stealing valuable objects and having behavioral issues. He meets up with Ash and everyone after an encounter with Linoone and May’s stolen pokeballs.


Luna is a trainer of a Scizor or better known as “Red Inazuma”. She is seen briefly in the anime where she takes part in a two part battle with both Ash and May. The first battle consists of her Scizor (“Red Inazuma”) and Ash’s Pikachu and Sceptile. After taking a harsh defeat from Ash, her next battle is between Scizor and May’s Squirtle to whom she also is defeated by.


A contestant of the Yuzuriha Convention!, Wakana makes her first appearance in the contest with her Surskit and becomes a respectful rival of Haruka. Wakana also has a crush on Drew as she blushes everytime he makes his appearance.

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Play Scary Maze Game Prank

When you are free and want to relax but nobody is around to talk to, nor any of your friends is available to hang out with, then what would you do? If you like to play online games you will switch your computer instantly and will visit your favorite online game website to spend quality time or to sharpen your skills as most of the games helps to increase IQ level, intellectual skills and co-ordination. Also, Experts advice to play games as it avoids over stressing by indulging our brain and body active thus enhancing our health.

scary maze game

If you are enthusiast of online gaming, then you must have heard of popular scary maze game. It’s sort of flash-game that can be played by you if you have Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox installed in your system. Apparently the game seems to be simple. It involves some mazes and a dot.

You need to move your mouse or keypad to direct the dot through the mazes. While playing the scary maze game, you must remember one thing that your ball shouldn’t touch the walls of the maze otherwise you would die and game would be finished. Once you pass through all the mazes without touching to the walls successfully then there will be fear factor waiting for you at the last stage!

If you like to play this game online, one thing you must know about this game is that it demands high level of concentration and patience. In short, this game proves to be good exercise for mental fitness. Moving the dot across the scary maze by directing the mouse, demands a lot of focus and perseverance. Like other games, the first level of the game is the easiest. You can easily move across the maze and make to the red box.

Second level demands more focus and concentration because the maze becomes narrower in this level as you try to move towards the red box. You can play next level after completing second level. Progressively next level is more difficult and tricky then the level you played before. But each level teaches you to be patient in your life and how to make your way in the life when the path is tough and narrower. Online games are not always waste of time, good games like scary maze improves your reaction times and enhances you thinking skills as result of challenges encounter during the game.